Generators for production divisions were purchased for the Baryshivska Grain Company

9 Nov 2022

The Baryshivska grain company took a decisive step in solving the energy crisis. Production divisions of the enterprise received diesel generators of imported production, which should ensure uninterrupted operation during long-term power outages. Thus, four diesel sources of electrical energy…

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A new Ukrainian grain way to eliminate the crisis: the unique experience of the Baryshivska grain company Grain Alliance was discussed in Bratislava

19 Sep 2022

How can Ukraine solve the logistics crisis and thereby increase the export of grain? A question on which food security in the world depends and the solution of which all civilized countries are interested in. The participants of the round…

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Grain Alliance has launched the 2nd phase of Nizhyn elevator in Chernihiv region of Ukraine

10 Nov 2021

On November the 2nd, 2021, the official opening of the second stage of the modern elevator took place in Nizhyn. The first stage was launched in 2017. Then storage capacities for 24.5 thousand tons and drying capacity for 800 tons…

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Grain Alliance expands storage and grain drying facilities in Nizhyn, Chernihiv region. No need for fossil fuels – only renewable bio fuels.

12 Feb 2021

On February 9, the foundations of an extremely important project were laid in Nizhyn, Chernihiv Region. The construction of the second stage of facilities was solemnly opened at the Nizhyn Elevator of the Baryshivska grain company. The plan is to…

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BZK Grain Alliance has purchased new oxygen concentrators for rural outpatient clinics

14 Dec 2020

The situation with the incidence of COVID-19 in Ukraine remains difficult. On December 11, according to official statistics, 882 thousand people in Ukraine are sick, and we already have 14,981 deaths as a result of this dangerous virus. From the…

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