Grain Alliance

Grain Alliance is a progressive farm operator in Ukraine. By implementing modern technology, financial management and production methods we aim to restore Ukraine as the bread basket of the world, Grain Alliance has experience from more than 20 years of successful farming, achieving yields well above the average. Currently we control around 57 000 hectares of which 54,000 hectares are cultivated, and we are continuously expanding our territory.

In order to maintain long term profitability Grain Alliance has an emphasis on sustainable agriculture. Our production is oriented towards a long term perspective. A balanced mix of crops is grown, with an emphasis on crop alteration and soil recovery, thus promoting environmental sustainability. A core component in our approach is IT. Our in-house developed ERP system makes it possible to plan and control all parts of our operations in one integrated system. Our approach has proven itself to be highly efficient by generating returns above 25% per annum.

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  • +38 050 315 24 93
    +46 8 441 55 00
  • BZK Grain Alliance AB
    Humlegårdsgatan 19 A
    114 46 Stockholm.

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