Business Concept

Grain Alliance’s business concept is to generate sustainable returns by increasing productivity and efficiency in the Ukrainian agriculture by implementing best agricultural practices, modern equipment and strict financial control.

Since launch Grain Alliance has created a solid organization, which can efficiently and sustainable run a large scale agriculture operation. The long term goal is to grow up to more than 100 000 hectares of cultivated land and outreach western producers in terms of productivity. The strategy to reach these goals is based on focus on the following:

  • Maintain long term profitability
  • A limited geographical area
  • A limited set of crops
  • Financial management and internal control
  • Expansion, but not on the expense of productivity, efficiency and control


Contact us

  • +38 050 315 24 93
    +46 8 441 55 00
  • BZK Grain Alliance AB
    Humlegårdsgatan 19 A
    114 46 Stockholm.

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