Corporate Responsibility

Grain Alliance, being one of the largest employers in the regions where Grain Alliance is active, the company has taken the responsibility of being a good corporate citizen to heart. Grain Alliance is committed to dedicating its business expertise and resources to help deliver innovating and sustainable solutions to address some of the Ukraine’s most pressing challenges. The main objectives of these activities are to promote of the development of local communities and improvement of their welfare.

The best way to give back to the people in the villages is to draw upon Grain Alliance’s core values: sustainability and responsibility in combination with the knowledge and passions of the company’s employees. As a result of this Grain Alliance took the initiative to start the foundation “Village development”,,  the goals of which are to improve the standard of living in rural areas of Ukraine. Throughout Grain Alliance’s history, the company has strived to meet the changing needs of communities in Ukraine. The investment strategy centers around four pillars aligned with Grain Alliance’s corporate values and business expertise: sustainability, responsibility, education and social welfare. By living and working in the villages where the company operates, employees are in touch with the needs and issues in their communities.


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