Sustainable agriculture

We understand the importance of a sustainable agriculture. Grain Alliance has a unique fully equipped in-house soil sampling laboratory.

In order to maintain long term profitability Grain Alliance run a sustainable agriculture. The Company’s production is oriented towards a long term perspective, therefore a balanced mix of crops are grown with an emphasis on crop alteration and soil recovery. Grain Alliance has an in house laboratory, which monitors and measures the quality of our lands. In Ukraine there are only a handful of such laboratories, including Grain Alliance’s. By continuously analyzing the soil the agronomists scientifically know what kind of fertilizer to use and in which quantities. Grain Alliance can also in time react to problems such as increased acidity of the soil. Moreover, this information is used in the long term production planning process and thus securing a long term sound usage of the soil and avoids exhaustion.

In addition to the soil analysis Grain Alliance management information system provide full traceability of all crops grown. We can follow exactly from seed to plant, which operations has been carried out, which quantities of fertilizer and pesticides have been used, at what time, by whom, with which piece of equipment, precipitation levels during the growth period, etcetera. By monitoring in detail all inputs and all field activities we ensure that we follow all environmental regulations and recommendations.

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