It’s time to save precious moisture

8 Apr 2019

In the early spring, the soil contains the greatest amount of moisture that needs to be preserved for growing plants.  And the best way to do this is surface tillage – moisture is delayed both in the upper and lower…

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Precision farming and Grain Alliance

1 Apr 2019

On the way to precise agriculture: Baryshivska grain company continues to introduce progressive technologies in its fields Precision farming is a set of methods and technologies that can significantly increase the productivity and economic efficiency of agricultural work. The main…

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Updating the fleet of agricultural machinery is the direction of efficiency in Baryshivska Grain Company work

27 Mar 2019

In 2018, Grain Alliance (Baryshivska Grain Company) began retrofitting the equipment. To achieve the aim, the North Poltava region of Baryshivska Grain Company has received two self-propelled John Deere 4730 sprayers and all Kinze seeders have been equipped with precision…

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Grain sowing campaign has started in Baryshivska Grain Company.

28 Feb 2019

  This year, the complex of spring-field work at the Grain Alliance (Baryshivska Grain Company) has begun with the soil fertilization. Spring has come soon enough, in the middle of February the snow began to melt quickly in the fields….

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Training seminars are an important stage of preparation for spring field work

18 Feb 2019

During January and February start-up workshops for engineers, agronomists and machine operators of all structural units of Grain Alliance (Baryshivska Grain Company) will be held at the Center for the operation and repair of agricultural machinery in Pyriatyn, Poltava Region….

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