Worthy Results of Hard Work

11 Aug 2018

The Grain Alliance has completed this year’s harvest of early cereals and legumes. The average wheat yield is 57.7 centners per hectare. In total, the company harvested 43 thousand tons of winter wheat from an area of ​​7 758 hectares. According to the Deputy Operational Director of Baryshivska Grain Company Mr. Bogdan Cheremkha, this is a pretty good aggregate result.

“ In this year’s conditions, Baryshivska Grain Company has the highest yield of winter wheat within the last 10 years. The most productive regions of the company are North Poltava region with the average yield of 69, 2 centners per hectare and Kyiv region with 59 centners per hectare. The quality of grain is also pleasing – 84.5% of the 2nd-3rd grade (food grades of 12,5% and 11,5% protein).

Agrarians have already pulverized the stubble on the harvested fields in order to retain moisture and earn nutritious remnants for the future harvest. At the moment, the company is preparing for the collection of late crops. Some of these days sunflower seeds, soybeans and corn desiccation will be carried out to help to start harvesting the crops according to the schedule”, – Bogdan Cheremkha says.

“Each indicator is a result of the coherent work and perseverance of the entire team of the company. The results are satisfactory, within the framework of the budget plan for early cereals. The harvest was somewhat stretched in time because of the weather. I am grateful to the workers who were able to find the opportunity to harvest the grain between the rains. When all the stages – from planning to field work – are completed in time, the good result is a logical end to the efforts “, – the president of the Grain Alliance Evgeniy Radovenyuk is convinced.

“Although the hottest time of the early harvest is finished – early cereals and legumes have been collected – there is still a lot of work ahead. But I am sure all of us are filled with enthusiasm and persistence for the further work – harvesting corn, sunflower and soybeans and storing all of the crops at the elevators. Besides, Baryshivska Grain Company is updating some of the machinery on the fields, which leads to increasing of the work efficiency”, – Evgeniy Radovenyuk added.

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