The Baryshivka Grain Company has completed a whole range of pre-harvest operations

3 Jul 2018

20 years anniversary related holidays did not cancel working weekdays. Grain Alliance has already completed measures to conserve plants from pests, fight against weeds and carry out leaf feeding. The state of crops this year is satisfactory. The amount of precipitation was optimal in May-June, air temperature was moderate and humidity was enough.

“The condition of winter wheat crops is at the level of the previous year. This was facilitated by the weather. At the beginning of May there was a small amount of precipitation. In general, in May and early June, rainfall was already sufficient in Kyiv, Cherkassy and Poltava regions. We hope that the quality of this year grain will be not lower than the 2nd grade (food grade, 12,5%+ protein). All the crops have a normal density”, – says Oleg Koval, leading agronomist.

The company plans to start harvesting winter crops in the first decade of July.

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