Sowing campaign 2019 has started in early April

23 Apr 2019

Baryshivska Grain Company started sowing season

The favorable warm weather in April gave rise to seeding works at Baryshivska Grain Company (Grain Alliance). We started sowing sunflower seeds in Kyiv region. Combine drivers and agronomists are in a hurry as they say: if you will lose an hour in spring , you will not be able to compensate for it. The company uses new Pöttinger TerrasemC8 seeding systems that can sow at speeds up to 24 km / h.

– We have already planted 300 hectares of the total area. Pöttinger seeding systems TerrasemC8 sow with broadcast seeding- 7.2 seeds per m2 at a depth of 4.5 -5 centimeters. At the same time, Pöttinger performs several operations simultaneously: disk plowing, introducing mineral fertilizers in a row, rolling, sunflower seeding and harrowing. This helps to speed up the sowing season, -“says regional agronomist Andriy Yushchenko.

In Kiev region moisture was preserved in time, therefore soil contains enough moisture for favorable germination of seeds.


– We also adhere to the agronomic requirements for the temperature regime of the soil at sowing time, now we have about 10-11degrees celsius at the depth of seeding. We want to handle the sunflower sowing in the shortest possible time as it’s almost high time for corn and soya, – says the chief agronomist of the regional directorate.

Meanwhile, the sowing campaign started in other regions of Baryshivska Grain Company.

– On April 9th, BZK began sowing sunflower in Poltava and Southern regions. At the same time agronomists have already managed to sow annuals and perennial grasses in the Southern region . And they are planning to start corn sowing in the Chernihiv region on April 14th.

“We wish all of our team a successful sowing campaign!”,- says Tahir Musayev, the chief commercial officer of the company.




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