Precision farming technologies in Ukraine: first experience and first problems

30 Aug 2019

What hinders the introduction of digital technology in the agro-industry? Is it a lack of qualified operators or a bad adaptability of devices? The answers, in particular, to these questions, were sought by the participants of the Digital Farming International Agro-Innovation Forum, held on August 29. It was organized by the authoritative agro-publishing house “The Ukrainian Farmer”. Nivki-Hall Metropolitan Conference Complex hosted the event, which was attended by representatives of leading agro companies and experts of companies providing digital business solutions in Ukraine.

It turned out that there were many issues to discuss. Digital equipment manufacturers, for their part, have offered many interesting modern solutions. The basic question of agricultural producers, which was dictated by the already existing experience of today, is how to adapt the already acquired novelties to the domestic working conditions? “Today we are actively introducing precision farming technologies in the company fields, acquiring modern sowing and cultivation complexes. The hardware and software are high-tech, and we already have results. But there are still a lot of problems, ”- said Andriy Lukyanenko, COO of Baryshivska grain company.

– In particular, we are talking about the imperfection of information processing systems, which are accumulated for us by “smart” equipment and programs. Organization of collected data is still imperfect. Another issue is the adaptability of the equipment. There are still a lot of questions on which we continue to work with manufacturers of “smart” equipment for agribusiness, – said Andriy Lukyanenko in his speech before the meeting.

GrainAlliance’s Chief Operating Officer of Baryshivska grain company also shared techniques for solving problems of implementation of precision farming technologies. One of the most acute – the qualified training of operators of “smart equipment” – is solved at the enterprise through a series of special trainings. Trainings are both theoretical and practical, where mechanics and engineers are instructed by the representatives of the equipment manufacturers. Besides, the GrainAlliance Baryshivska grain company organizes study visits for its employees at the facilities of the enterprises where the most up-to-date agricultural machinery and equipment is manufactured.


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