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22 Sep 2016

This year total production of winter wheat grain in the agricultural holding was more than 47 000 tons. In the biggest region of winter wheat production (Kiev 30%) the yield is around 6,8 tonnes/hectare, and the unit “Svitanok” shows results around 7,13 tonnes/hectare. To date, nearly 2 000 hectares are already sown by winter wheat.

In Chernihiv region also on an area of 445 hectares in the current year agricultural holding has refined the technology of cultivation of oil flax. Flax seeds yield is 1,84 tonnes/hectare.

Soy harvesting has started and the average yield is so far is between 2,9- 3,2 tonnes/hectare. As for sunflower, 62 % of the crop has been collected and the average yield is around 3 tonnes/hectare. Sunflower hybrids NK Brio yields is slightly higher; 3,4-3,8 tonnes/hectare.

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