Dairy Cattle Breeding – The Results of the Perspective Direction of Baryshivska Grain Company

19 Jan 2019

Grain Alliance (Baryshivska Grain Company) is actively developing dairy cattle breeding. Dairy farms work in villages in Poltava region of Ukraine – Ovsyuki (Grebinka district) and Chutivka (Orzhitsya district).


– Despite the difficult conditions in Ukraine for doing this business, cattle breeding has shown positive results and is profitable in the company. Such results are due to the increase in productivity; the profitability has increased by an average of 15%. We have already increased the livestock in Ovsyuki by as many as 300 heads this year. The total number of animals in 2018 increased by 114,- says Ruslan Degtyaryov, the deputy director of livestock in the Southern region of the company.


Tahir Musayev, chief commercial officer of the company adds, – The enterprise has achieved good results in the issue of milking capacity – an average of 20 liters per a cow. That’s not too high in comparison to the best world practices, but that’s considered to be way above average in current Ukrainian conditions. Today the main task is to get extra-quality milk on the farms. We are targeting multinational milk processors in Ukraine, and we need to provide superb quality and quantity.

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