All regional Directorates of Baryshivska Grain Company Grain Alliance has entered the harvest

12 Jul 2019

Baryshivska Grain Company started to harvest winter wheat a week ago. Poltava region started it on 5th of July. Chernihiv region took over the race baton on 6th of July. South region began harvesting on the 9th of July. Kyiv region was the last one to start the harvest because of continuous rains – said Oleg Koval, the agronomist of Baryshivska Grain Company.

According to the agronomist, sown area of winter wheat for harvest in 2019 is about 4 thousand hectares. Baryshivska Grain Company grows 4 basic varieties of wheat: 2 of domestic plant selections and 2 of the German selections. 

Preliminary results and examination of the crops shows that we should expect better than average harvest. We already gathered more than 2.5 thousand tons of wheat from about 400 hectares. The year was favourable for winter crops since the time of seeding, bushing, vigorous growth until the ripening of crops. Unfortunately, there was little rain with high critical temperature in June (after flowering in the period of grain filling). However, the first results are good. Let’s see the final results – said Oleg Koval.




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